Over Fifty Years

The Franklin Park Civic Association is proud to #CelebrateOurHistory as the oldest organization in the Near East, with formal corporate representation for the Franklin Park neighborhood that is well-documented.


In our earliest days, our organization included boundaries that covered most of the territory that comprises the Near East Side!


On April 15, 1965, the Franklin Park Area Council (our earliest registered corporation) was recorded as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Ohio. The first president was Margaret E. Day (1761 Franklin Park South), with Coleridge O. Jones, Jr., and Napoleon A. Bell (East Town Street) being the other corporation officers. The Trustees were Robert M. Powell (774 Kelton Avenue),  William F. Walton (268 N. West St., Westerville), James Joyner (1703 E. Long Street)  and William Mack (1722 Oak Street).


Our current corporation was founded in 1974 as the Franklin Park Area Improvement Association, and in 1997 was renamed as the Franklin Park Area Association


Ted Brown, Secretary of State, certified the formation of the Franklin Park Area Improvement Association as a community improvement corporation in the State of Ohio. The filings were submitted on February 28, 1974 by William H. Stewart (Chairman) and Albert A. Copeland (Statutory Agent), with other trustees being Louise R. Jones, James C. Shivers, and Robert E. Short who met at 1885 Bryden Road to form the corporation.


At the September 25, 2012 meeting of the Association, the General Membership unanimously ratified a change of name to the Franklin Park Civic Association, Inc. Amended articles of incorporation were filed and recorded with the Ohio Secretary of State in April 2013.


Our Mission: To celebrate, nurture, and develop the Franklin Park community for the benefit of all its inhabitants by demonstrating a compassionate understanding of each individual's needs while honoring our history and providing for our future, by:


  • Promoting inclusiveness and diversity in each of our undertakings.

  • Reaching out to members, past, present and future.

  • Educating the public with respect to our physical and human assets.

  • Encouraging open dialogue and the exchange of information of interest to residents and visitors through community activities and events.

  • Providing input into planning processes that foster community design improvements and continued rehabilitation of residential and commercial properties.

  • Collaborating with other organizations in dealing with common problems to improve the quality of life, health, and safety, of those that live, work and visit Franklin Park and surrounding communities.

  • Supporting a flourishing business climate within Franklin Park and surrounding communities.

  • Encouraging social interaction among residents and visitors with mutual interests.

  • Engaging in public relations and marketing activities designed to promote the Franklin Park community to be one where visitors become neighbors, and neighbors become friends.




A Historic Near East Side Neighborhood, Columbus, Ohio
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