The electronic age has certainly changed the world, even extending to

neighborhood watches!


Home security and surveillance equipment can be monitored whether you are

at the office or on the go. A Facebook post from your desktop or smartphone

puts neighbors on alert to monitor suspicious activities, a fire, a hazardous

traffic situation...thanks to microchip technology, a neighbor's pet was

identified and located a year after disappearing and 500 miles away! The first

when community members mention a lost or found pet is now "Be Sure to Post to

Pet FBI (Found by Internet).


Our residents are very active in neighborhood watch activities through the

Trolley Barn Block (Cyber) Watch. But, just as we are using social media to assist

law enforcement to make our neighborhoods safer, criminals are also using the

same technology to conduct their criminal enterprises.


Block Watches Covering Our Neighborhood

For 12th precinct block watches contact Community Liaison Officer Theresa Kalous by cell/text at 614.745.4726 or office 614.645.1412

Health & Safety

Organizational Affiliations

Block watch groups often grow out of civic associations, but their operations are governed by the Columbus Division of Police Strategic Response Bureau Community Liaison Officer, by the leaders and members of the block or neighborhood watch, and thus, by the residents of the communities served.


Civic associations would generally tend to support the activities of block watches in providing assistance to law enforcement in keeping our communities safe. However, the activities of blockwatches are neither subject to review or approval by the trustees of such organizations orbusinesses. Block watch operations and activities are funded by residents participating in the endeavors, and through donations or other fundraising activities undertaken by block watch leaders and members.


Community Crime Patrol

In 2013, Central Community House and First English Lutheran Church initiated a crime prevention request that was endorsed by both the Franklin Park Civic Associations. The request asked Columbus City Council to fund and support an extension of the Community Crime Patrol into the Near East.


Community Crime Patrol expanded the program in November 2013 to cover portions of Franklin Park and the Near East Side with patrols conducted Wednesday through Saturday evenings from 6pm to 2am. The territory patrolled extends from Nelson Road to Parsons Avenue and from Broad Street to Bryden Road. The area has since been expanded to include North of Broad to Long Street.


Community Crime Patrol, Inc. (CCP) is a not-for-profit, community-based, crime prevention organization that deploys teams of specifically-trained citizen patrollers that act as a set of eyes and ears for the Columbus Division of Police.


Equipped only with flashlights, two-way radios, and their training, patrollers deter criminals, build neighborhood awareness of crime prevention techniques, assist in the apprehension of suspects, and provide first aid when needed. Their basic mission is getting the police to situations where they are needed.


Visit our Digital Library for monthly reports on Community Crime Patrol activity in the Franklin Park and Near East Side.


Columbus Division of Police Citizen Police Academy 

The Citizen Police Academy is a look into the values, philosophy, and operation of the Columbus Division of Police. Designed for the residents of Columbus, the Academy educates citizens about the 'how's and why's' of the Division, and the citizen's role in the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. Students are expected to share this realistic view of the Division with other citizens to improve the efficiency of law enforcement and order maintenance in their neighborhoods through shared responsibilities and resources.


The purpose of the Columbus Division of Police Citizen Police Academy is to provide information to the citizens who attend, so they may make informed judgments about the Columbus Division of Police, and police activity. Understanding can dispel suspicions and misconceptions, and increase police/community rapport through this educational process. The Division, in turn, becomes more aware of the feelings and concerns of the community through input from the students. This will help to establish open lines of communication and cooperation in our shared goal of achieving the best police service for the citizens of Columbus.

Click here for more information about the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA)..


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