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Franklin Park & Near East Side Activities, Events & Information

Governmental Regulations, Resources & Services

City of Columbus

Municipal Code
Social Media Links

311 Map of Requests in Progress
(View all, open, or closed requests for last 3, 7, or 30 days)

Building and Zoning Permits
(Lookup using Citizen Access Portal)

Zoning Map

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste
Schedule for Collection and Procedures

Franklin County

Auditor's Office

State of Ohio

Ohio Revised Code

Mobile Apps

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My Columbus



Scanner Radio by Gordon (listen to Police Channels)



Franklin County Auditor



Franklin Park Civic Association Digital Documents

Documents for the Franklin Park Civic Association

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Frequently Requested Telephone Numbers and Website Links

Columbus City Services

Columbus Division of Police

  Non Emergency --- 614-645-4545

  Emergencies/Crimes in Progress --- 9-1-1​

  Precinct 12 Community Liaison

  Officer Terry Kalous --- 614-645-1412

  Precinct 7 Community Liaison

  Officer Tony Rogers, office --- 614-645-1407

  Community Policing Center ---. 614-645-4832

  (Rings inside of the 12th Precinct Substation)

  House Watch Request (Vacation)


  (Follow recorded voice prompts)

Columbus Division of Fire
  Non Emergency line --- 614-221-2345

Domestic Violence Hotline 


​(Choices for Victims)

Maps & Apps

Franklin County

Animal Shelter (Dog Warden) ---614-525-3400

Franklin County Sheriff's Department​
Non Emergency Line -- 614-525-3333 --- 614-871-5322
[Illegal Dumping - Environmental Crimes Division]

Franklin Park Conservatory

Security --- 614-715-8166

(24-Hours) - Store in your cell!

Legal Aid Society of Columbus [Brief Advice Clinics}

1108  City Park Ave, Suite 101 614-224-8374

Near East Pride Center Liaison

Jesús Ovalle --- 614-288-8701

(Model Neighborhoods Facility)

Columbus City Council Division of Community Engagement

Stanley E. Gates, II (Legislative Assistant) --- 614-645-3566

NetCare Access

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Crisis Intervention


Utilities & Related 24-Hour Emergency and Contact Numbers

American Electric Power --- 800-277-2177

Report Outage through Website

Columbia Gas --- 800-344-4077


City of Columbus

Electric Emergency --- 614-645-7627

   (Widespread Street Light Outage or Downed Wires)

​Sewer Emergency --- 614-645-7102

​Water Emergency --- 614-645-7788

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
Complaints --- 1-800-686-PUCO (7826)

United States Postal Service

Consumer Affairs 513-684-5794


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