About Franklin Park

Discover our location, our green spaces, our history, and everything else our neighborhood offers and you'll understand why we say we “turn visitors into neighbors and neighbors into friends!” After all, our residents are what makes our neighborhood such a wonderful place to live, work and play.


Our Location

We are situated near the center of the City, with convenient access to freeways and public transit. Even today, throughout our neighborhood we can see reminders of Columbus' earliest public transit. The horse-drawn and electric trolley car system was instrumental in allowing early residents to settle comfortably away from the hustle of the city, yet near to the rural landscape that lay just beyond the City's boundary at Alum Creek.  Our neighborhood starts at Broad Street on the north, extends southward to Main Street and westward to Wilson Avenue.


Running through the heart of the Franklin Park Neighborhood is the Bryden Road Historic District, established by Columbus City Council in 1990 as the 44th listed property on the Columbus Register of Historic Properties. The historic district is subject to the benefits and restrictions of such listing as provided in Columbus City Code and compliance is reviewed by a seven member Historic Resources Commission. 





Our Green Spaces

As a neighborhood and civic association, we share a name with our two most well-known residents, the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and Franklin Park (of the Columbus Division of Recreation and Parks). Also located in our neighborhood is Academy Park and several community gardens. Nearby Wolfe Park can be reached by a stroll on the historic (and recently restored) foot bridge crossing Alum Creek. In Franklin Park, we take gardening seriously and it is evident by looking into our yards.


Our History

We are equally proud of our spacious well-appointed homes and our historic mansions. Here, between 1880 and 1930, the working class lived alongside the wealthy and their entourage. They were comfortable in English Cottages, Craftsman Bungalows, Colonial Revival homes, and Victorian Mansions. Our neighborhood is also sprinkled with a potpourri of period duplexes, row houses, and even includes an eight story Art Deco apartment building.


Not to be missed, and tying our green spaces to our history is Columbus' renowned Franklin Park which boasts a history as rich as that of our neighborhood. Beyond a horticultural treasure, the Franklin Park Conservatory has recently hosted major exhibitions by Aurora Robson and Bruce Munro, and as a centerpiece, the John F. Wolfe Palm House enhances our evening walks while enjoying James Turrell's permanent exhibit illuminating the victorian conservatory in vibrant hues.


Everything Else!

What is our secret? The real estate adage “Location, Location, Location!” applies. Within just minutes you can reach the John Glenn Columbus International Airport or shopping at Easton. Not only is Columbus the seat of Ohio's government, we have world-class medical facilities, educational opportunities, entertainment, fine dining and nightlife.


Franklin Park offers us a perfect blend of urban living, historic architecture, and natural beauty. We are a close-knit community of residents that often sit on the front porch over coffee and wave to our friends as they walk by. We live in a residential oasis in the heart of downtown, it's possible for us to take advantage of everything that Central Ohio has to offer. 


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