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“I've searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees.”
- Gilbert K. Chesterton

FPCA works to celebrate, nurture, and develop Franklin Park through flexible Teams in several broad program areas. Teams support the Association as a whole to achieve the best results for our neighborhood.


“Many hands make for light work!” - FPCA membership is not required to participate in our Teams.
Team Leads are voting members of FPCA. 


Leads work together to identify community strengths, challenges, or needs and seek to identify resources and strategies to achieve maximum benefits. Our teams are fluid in makeup, with some members participating in every program, and others that allow their personal interests to focus their energies as they are available.

Activities & Events

Development & Improvement

Team Lead: Kirsten Weber - click here to get involved


Team members identify and arrange activities as they fit into our schedule. Our activities include important civic presentations such as candidate's nights, local service agency forums, and annual events such as the Jingle Mingle, Easter Egg Hunt and the Franklin Park Pumpkin Patch.


We are always seeking sponsors and co-sponsors! The relationships we build and maintain help us to creatively identify and secure resources and volunteers to produce high-quality events.


We welcome feedback so that we can continue to improve and provide engaging and interesting programming for our community. We encourage out-of-the-box approaches to help us continue to host our activities...there are many ways to support our efforts from volunteering your time to calling upon personal contacts that may be able to assist.

Health & Safety

Team Lead: Will Willis - click here to get involved


Development of the Franklin Park neighborhood (and the broader Near East) is of great importance to FPCA! We seek to foster relationships among area businesses, development organizations and government agencies to benefit all who live, work and play in Franklin Park.


Team efforts include working with local agencies such as the Columbus Department of Development Code Enforcement, and the Franklin County Auditor to encourage new development or abate nuisances. Direct outreach such as a door-to-door visit, educates and empowers our community.


The team may recommend an official FPCA position supporting (or in opposition to) a development initiative. Team members monitor agenda items before the Near East Area Commission such as demolitions and land bank property sales, to assure that our neighborhood perspective is considered.


Promoting neighborhood pride through events such as holiday decorating or landscaping awards, and hands-on neighborhood cleanups are ways that the Development & Improvement Team helps FPCA to fulfill our mission and benefit our community. Our potential to acquire grants for targeted community improvement projects is enhanced through collaborative neighborhood/inter-agency initiatives. Submission of any grant on behalf of FPCA requires approval of our Executive Board, or by a vote of our general membership.

Team Lead: Kim Barrett - click here to get involved


The work of the Health & Safety Team is closely tied to that of Development & Improvement, since an improved community is a healthier and safer community.


Participants in both teams, as well as the agencies and organizations that they work with, often overlap. Although not an absolute, the primary difference is when local law enforcement may be involved.


The Health & Safety Team liaisons with community block watches, each of which are separate entities that are governed by the Division of Police.

Public & Member Relations

Team Lead: Nicholas Wawrzyniak - click here to get involved


The efforts of our Public & Member Relations Team can be easily be summarized as one important goal, helping to put a best foot forward for FPCA and for our neighborhood!


A spontaneous walk-up personal introduction, or packet of literature for a new resident, is a perfect way to say “Welcome to Franklin Park...we are happy you are here!”


Fostering good relationships with people and other organizations increases our abilities to obtain funding and other support for our neighborhood and our programming. Excellent customer service also includes seeking feedback from members and others to make sure that we are providing valuable programming and reaching our targeted audience (anyone living, working, or playing in Franklin Park).


Our Public & Member Relations Team designs and coordinates our website, social media, and electronic or paper publications. The Public & Member Relations Team helps each of our Teams to design materials for activities or other needs. Our neighborhood is represented through our publications, so we strive for them to be professional, appealing, and informative.


Membership is a mutual benefit...we can advocate for one another (and our community) through our participation. The Public & Member Relations Team wants to make sure that you are proud to be a member of FPCA.



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