Trap Neuter Return

FPCA TNR has been underway since 2014! Be a part of the solution!

Funded by generous donations from Franklin Park and Near East neighbors and a grant from The Community Festival (ComFest)


Co-sponsored by Franklin Park Civic Association (FPCA), Cat Welfare Association, Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) of Ohio, and Central Community House

We attempt to promote controlling the feral cat populations in our neighborhoods through Trap-Neuter-Return that includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccination, ear-tip (required for ID) and flea treatment - all at the reduced cost to FPCA/residents of $15/cat!


This program is funded entirely by donations. Donations of cash or by check are accepted in any amount. Donations by card (in increments of $15) can be made through our website (self-serve) or you can be invoiced for any amount you specify!


Surgeries are for feral cats only (not pets).  Information on Trap-Neuter-Return is included at  Interest, donations, and volunteered effort determines which areas of the Near East we can assist with our program.

If you would like to volunteer or discuss, contact

 WARNING: Contents may be graphic. 


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